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Sports News

Defying Conventions in Skateboarding.

DC athlete Wes Kremer continues to inspire other athletes with his impressive moves as Thrasher Skater of the Year. Given its background, DC has long been supporting young athletes from all over the world who share their passion for living on the edge by

PBA: Fab at 40.

PBA turns 40!!! Join PBA as they celebrate their 40th year and as they launch PBA’s 40 GREATEST PLAYERS on April 8, 2015!!! For inquiries, visit www.pba.ph or call 470-2768.

National Cheerleading Championships 2015.

I have watched and supported cheering competitions before, but this is in a class of it’s own! The recently completed 10th Season of the National Cheer and Dance Championships saw a record 128 teams compete in 17 divisions over two days, breaking ye